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Game of Thrones Season 6: Long-Scattered Characters Reunited


文/乔安娜•罗宾逊 译/凌云
By Joanna Robinson


Set images from Game of Thrones Season 6 have started to float around on the Internet. And despite the fact that book readers don’t know ex¬actly what’s coming, we’re still able to use some book knowledge to make an educated guess or two.

[2] Recently an image of Kit Har¬ington in Stark armor leaked online, seeming to confirm the previous rumor that Lord Commander Snow was going to lay down his blacks in order to lead a northern rebellion against the nasty Boltons and take back Winterfell. Well, that was not the only battle photo that has leaked. Here’s one that went up on Imgur that, at first glance, doesn’t seem all that exciting.
[2] 最近,一张基特•哈灵顿身穿史塔克家族铠甲的照片在网上流出,看来证实了此前的传闻,守夜人总司令雪诺将脱下黑袍,率领北境大军对抗卑劣的波顿家族,夺回临冬城。不过,曝光的不仅只有这张战斗场面的照片。还有张照片出现在Imgur网站上,乍看起来,似乎不怎么令人激动。

[3] That’s just a bunch of mud and straw and banners and the backs of men you don’t recognize. The key, though, is the banners. It’s pretty easy to identify a few sigils including the direwolf of House Stark, the bear of House Mormont, and, as Watchers on the Wall[1] discovered, the brown moose of House Hornwood. Now you’re for¬given if the name Hornwood doesn’t exactly send a chill down your spine. And even though I’m pretty excited to meet the young girl in charge of House Mormont[2] after the sassy letter she sent Stannis last season...
[3] 这张照片上只有一堆泥土、稻草、旗帜和你认不出的一些男人的背影。不过,关键是那些旗帜,很容易就能从上面辨认出几个家族族徽,包括史塔克家族的冰原狼、莫尔蒙家族的熊,根据粉丝社区“长城守望”的新发现,还有霍伍德家族的褐色驼鹿。如果霍伍德这个姓氏没有让你感到不寒而栗的话,那也情有可原。虽然我很高兴看到执掌莫尔蒙家族的小姑娘,她在上一季给史坦尼斯送来了那封无礼的信……
[2] 指熊岛(Bear Island)统治者梅姬•莫尔蒙(Maege Mormont)夫人最小的女儿莱安娜•莫尔蒙(Lyanna Mormont),现在大概10 岁。当史坦尼斯•拜拉席恩写信给北境诸侯们,希望他们臣服于自己时,莱安娜回信拒绝了,并表示莫尔蒙家族只会臣服于史塔克家族。

[4] ...none of the newcomers are the Northerners we’re looking for. The key to this plot, actually, is in that let¬ter from young Lyanna Mormont. The northern armies wouldn’t fight for Stannis because he was an interloper. They will, however, fight for a Stark, and luckily enough, there are several Starks on hand. First of all, Rickon, a.k.a. the littlest Stark, has been holed up north with House Umber since Sea¬son 3. We know actor Art Parkinson has been spotted around the Game of Thrones set so it’s possible the north¬ern troops are rallying around him.
[4] ……新登场的角色没有一个是我们正在寻找的北境人。实际上,这个情节的关键在于年幼的莱安娜•莫尔蒙送来的那封信。北境军队不会为了史坦尼斯战斗,因为他是个入侵者。不过他们会为史塔克家族而战,而幸运的是,有几位史塔克家族的成员即将现身。首先是史塔克家族的小儿子瑞肯,他从第三季以来一直藏身在北境的安柏家族。我们都知道,饰演瑞肯的阿特•帕金森被人拍到出现在《权力的游戏》拍摄现场附近,所以北境军队可能会团结在他的周围。

[5] But, with apologies to Rickon, there’s an even better Stark leader hanging out up north. That’s right, Littlefinger’s dark and calculating ap¬prentice: Sansa Stark. If she and Theon are smart they will hightail it north as fast as their hobbled ankles[3] can carry them. Theon won’t be all that welcome, but Sansa is likely headed for a touching reconciliation with her brother. That will be the first time two members of the Stark family have been re-united since they all scattered way back in Season 1. Brace yourselves: tears set to the House Stark theme are coming.
[5] 不过,要向瑞肯说声抱歉,还有一位更出色的史塔克家族领袖也在北境逗留。没错,她就是小指头深藏不露、精于算计的徒弟珊莎•史塔克。如果她和席恩足够聪明的话,他们应迈开蹒跚的脚步,尽快向北境逃亡。席恩不见得会受到欢迎,但可能会上演珊莎与弟弟重归于好的感人场面。这将是史塔克一家在第一季四散分离后,两位家族成员首次重逢。做好准备:史塔克家族主题曲一定会让你感动得落泪。

[6] Then, of course, there’s Jon Snow. Or should we be prepared to finally call him Jon Stark? Jon Targaryen? Given the Ned Stark-themed flashbacks that are planned for Season 6, we’re likely finally about to have the truth about poor Jon’s parentage. If that truth is what makes him slip on this Stark armor in place of his Night’s Watch blacks, then maybe Rickon has some competition for King in the North.
[6] 当然,还有琼恩•雪诺。或者,我们应该作好准备,终于可以叫他琼恩•史塔克了?要不就是琼恩•坦格利安?考虑到剧组计划为第六季拍摄以奈德•史塔克为主题的倒序片段,我们终于有望弄清楚可怜的琼恩的身世真相。如果这个真相是导致他脱去守夜人黑袍、穿上史塔克家族铠甲的原因,那么想要成为北境之王的瑞肯也许会面临一些竞争。
[3] 第五季结尾,珊莎和席恩一起跳下临冬城(Winterfell)的城墙逃跑。

[7] However many Starks and dire-wolves it takes, the North seems to be united here in its hatred of the Boltons, and if Jon is involved, it’s possible he’ll even have the Wildlings on his side. Watchers on the Wall reports that this battle will take place in Episode 9 and that members of the production crew are jokingly calling it the “Battle of Six Armies”—one-upping[4] the mas¬sive skirmish and cumbersome subtitle that closed out Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy.
[7] 无论史塔克家族成员和冰原狼有多少能够重聚,北境似乎会出于对波顿家族的仇恨团结起来,如果琼恩参与进来,他甚至可能得到野人的支持。根据“长城守望”的报告,这场大战将安排在第9集,被主创人员戏称为“六军之战”——这将胜于彼得•杰克逊执导的《霍比特人》三部曲的收官之作,该剧集展现了大规模遭遇战场面,字幕冗长。
[4] [口]胜人一筹,优于。

[8] And while big battles can be in¬teresting, it’s the personal investment here that should make Season 6, Epi¬sode 9 so compelling for fans of Game of Thrones. The long-suffering separa¬tion and near misses of the Starks is almost laughably tragic at this point.
[8] 大战役当然引人入胜,但个人际遇才是第六季第9集让《权力的游戏》剧迷真正倍感震撼之处。史塔克一家饱受离别之苦,多少次彼此擦肩而过,在这团聚的一刻,过往那些经历悲催得几近荒唐可笑。

[9] But with Rickon, Sansa, Jon, and maybe even Bran both potentially in one place for the first time since the pilot and united under the flag of their father (uncle?[5]) ... well, I’d hate to be the Boltons. ■
[9] 不过,自这部电视剧试播以来,瑞肯、珊莎、琼恩甚或布兰可能首次出现在同一个地方,团聚在他们父亲(或是舅舅?)的旗帜下……哎呦,我可不想成为波顿家族的人。□
[5] 琼恩•雪诺的身世一直是个谜。有一种推测认为他的父亲是坦格利安家族雷加王子(Rhaegar Targaryen),母亲是艾德•史塔克(Eddard Stark)的妹妹莱安娜•史塔克(Lyanna Stark)。




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